Our Store Categories:    Phone,    Air-conditioner,    Computer Laptops,    Chest Freezers,   Digital Cameras,    Gas Cookers,    Gasoline Generators,    Home Theater Entertainment Systems,    Led TV,    Microwave Ovens,    Refrigerators    and    Washing machines

Zeller Resources Enterprises:

We are a registered entity operating as general merchants, manufacturers representatives, product sales, channel distribution, product services, e-commerce with bias in electrical, electronics, household appliances and IT. There is a huge prospect in agribusiness which we have already made incursion into its production, product processing and eventually advance to export trade.

About Us:

VISION: To impact and inspire our environment of operation through creation of value and customer satisfaction for a great future. It is our vision to be one of the leading distributors and or franchise holders of strong brands in Nigeria and also in West Africa.
MISSION: To inspire and touch our society with innovative ideas, effective strategies and proactive approaches to sell our products favorably against competing rivals and develop minds for new opportunities in our operating enviroment.


Customer Satisfaction.


The home appliances and electronic products in our stable includes; GSM mobile, Android phones/ IPad, Commercial Air conditioners (Window unit, Split unit and Package unit), Refrigerators, DVD & Audio Sound systems, Plasma TV & LED TV, Microwave Ovens, Washing machines, Home Theater Entertainment Systems, Cam coders, Digital Cameras, Computer Laptops, Chest Freezers, Gas Cookers, Gasoline Generators and other small household appliances.


Zeller Digital mall: Zeller digital mall is a vendors outlet for quality products and timely service delivery, providing a one stop online shopping mall to our esteemed customers in Nigeria.
We offer to our customers durable and quality products from well known strong brands. We pride in offering a convenient buying experience, quality service and fast delivery of goods at very competitive prices for our customers enjoyment.



We offer repairs and after sales service for Non-Warranty products in our stable. While our vendors handle the repairs and after sales services under Warranty. Individuals and corporate organisations can buy and register their items with us for service maintenance contract.

We handle the installations, repairs and services of your household appliances for corporate
offices and their branches networks nationwide.